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Teddy Perkins “As Himself”

Currently experiencing the same kind of deep sensations about Atlanta‘s phenomenal second season I felt about Twin Peaks: The Return, meaning I wander through each week thinking about the most recent episode, baffled something so substantial and so surprising exists on my TV screen. “Teddy Perkins” is masterfully packaged as a short horror film. Like […]

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10 Extremely Fun Reflections on the Concept of Hell

1) “Hell seems a great deal more feasible to my weak mind than heaven.” — Flannery O’Connor, A Prayer Journal 2) “(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go” – Curtis Mayfield, Curtis 3) “Demon…How…could God…allow such a place? Think you God built this place, wishing man ill and not lusts […]

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