A Voice Over the Radio (9.29.20)

“A civilization is not destroyed by wicked people; it is not necessary that people be wicked but only that they be spineless.”

― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin, Love Devotion Surrender (1973)/09/04/73 - Santa Monica, CA

You’ve recorded A Love Supreme with John McLaughlin. Is it intimidating to cover Coltrane? Or is it strictly a labor of love and an interpretive experience?

"The intention of John McLaughlin and I was to turn other people on to it. Alice Coltrane gave us the green light. And so did the family…We love A Love Supreme. We wanted to allow anyone who loves Led Zeppelin or Cream to become aware that A Love Supreme was at that level. We just want to turn more people on to the frequency of John Coltrane." (Via Michael Block's 2015 Santana interview for the Long Island Post)

Recently enjoyed radio programming: Theme Time Radio Hour whiskey hocking edition, which can be found on streaming services and here (for now). Bob sounds so into it—oh yeah! Various episodes of Tom Petty's Buried Treasure. Desert Oracle Radio, #106: The Eight Tower. The Frow Show With Jesse Jarnow (9.28.20)

Did Early Christians Use Psychedelics? Candida Moss, The Daily Beast

A review of Brian Muraresku's Immortality Key. Wonder what would happen if they started dosing the Evangelical grape juice on Sundays? 

Range and Basin #12 (progress report)

Hard at work on this next episode, which will feature a talk with Lodge 49 composer Andrew Carroll and a debut broadcast of his new music. Put it in your planner! October 18th, on Radio Free Aquarium Drunkard on Dublab. AD Patreon supporters get the shows as individual downloads. It's going to be very fun radio. I keep trying to fit this killer Obnox segue into the mix, but it's inspiring a whole different episode in my mind, so it'll have to wait.    


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