"If You Find This World Bad, You Should See Some of the Others"

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Spent the evening doing my favorite thing: creating an episode of Range and Basin, my Radio Free Aquarium Drunkard contribution on Dublab. I spend a month writing, thinking about, and crafting the show, then I head into Michael Krassner's 7-Track Shack and we track it, tweak it, and mix it. I enjoyed cobbling the show on my own deeply, but having Krassner come onboard as an engineer, feedback generator, and collaborator has been tremendous. So thankful to have my show added to his intense list of credits. This week's episode features a talk with Andrew Carroll, who composed the music for Lodge 49 and has a new EP coming out October 30th called You Are Here. We talked about the show and the energy in the air and give the EP a debut broadcast. Fusion, prog, psychedelia, and more on deck this episode. A Philip K. Dick excerpt too. Tune into Radio Free Aquarium Drunkard on Dublab at 4 PM Sunday, October 18. Chad DePasquale kicks things off with New Happy Gathering and then my show starts at 5 PM Pacific/8 Eastern.


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